Private Room Information 

  • Food and beverage minimums vary – please inquire for a quote
  • Room reservations are definite upon receipt of your deposit(s)
  • Final payment for your event is due at the end of the event
  • We supply basic white, black or ivory linens (85 x 85), napkins, tables, chairs, flatware, glassware and china
  • Labor Charge: 21% will be added to the food and beverage total – This covers the hourly wage of all event staff and is not a tip or gratuity for the event staff personnel, as we do not build gratuity into our pricing structure
  • Administrative Fee: A standard industry charge that covers all pre-event consulting, coordinating, production, administrative overhead, documentation, preparation, and other event management – This charge is applied according to the space(s) you rent
  • Set-up Fee: Applied to final check for all private rooms

Curtis Ballroom – $125 ◦ H4 – $75 ◦ Howlett – $50 ◦ Showroom – $225

  • Sales Tax: 25% will be applied to all charges