- Customers will be asked to keep a minimum of 6' between groups while waiting in line to enter the showroom and for the bathrooms.

- Six-foot social distancing markers will be displayed throughout common areas.

- Hand sanitizer stations are located at club entrances and throughout the venue.

& We encourage customers to come with their own.

- The capacity of each show has been reduced to allow for safe social distancing inside the showroom.

- All customers will be seated by a host at tables of no more than 4 people and will selectively seat people throughout the club.

No one will be sat with guests that are not in their own party.

- Staff members who have been sick, may have been exposed to positive COVID-19 individuals, or who are not feeling well will not be permitted onsite.

- All high touch surfaces including (but not limited to) tables, chairs, doorknobs, faucets, bathrooms, and more have been sanitized and will continue to be disinfected throughout the evening.

- All staff members will be wearing masks for your safety and theirs.

- Customers are required to wear masks during the entering and exiting of the venue, while they wait to be seated, and while using the restroom.

However, a mask is not required when customers are eating and drinking at their table.

- We are abiding by all health advisories given by local authorities to provide a safe and healthy venue so our customers can relax while enjoying great live stand-up comedy.


See you soon!

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